Monthly Archives August 2008

SaaS == ASP == out of business

Lawson’s chief executive, Harry Debes, just did a short interview with ZDnet Asia where he talks about the upcoming demise of SaaS. I find several of his assertions wrong and in fact contradictory to other statements that he makes in the same interview. My takeaway: this reads like a classic case of a company not [...]

Outsourced business intelligence

As more infrastructure moves into the cloud, we have also started to see a migration of applications into the cloud. Salesforce and CRM were the early movers. More recently, I have been seeing entrepreneurs explore how to move much larger applications (like SAP) and application stacks (like BI) into the cloud. My most recent discovery [...]

Firefox-based enterprise support business

A few weeks back, I read something somewhere that talked about the fact that Firefox could increase its enterprise adoption if there were better enterprise-quality support for it.  Seems like an obvious business idea with a business model similar to the RedHat support model.  Are there well-established businesses out there already doing this?

UI innovation at the gas pump

For the longest time, I have wondered why credit card readers at super markets, gas pumps, parking garages, and just about everywhere else require you to insert the credit card only in a single orientation.  Well, finally, the Mobil gas station down the street from us has all new gas pumps where the magnetic stripe [...]