I am (in no particular order) an entrepreneur, a hacker, a product manager, a husband, a father, a former Cambridge resident, a KAYAK alum, a GHDonline alum, an Endeca alum, a MathWorks alum, and an MIT alum, and many other things as well. Currently, I’m the CTO at Kyruus.

Professionally, I have spent the last several years working on search and business intelligence. I’ve been a hacker and worked on the core Endeca engine and on marketing analytics and I’ve been on the business side, doing product management, digital marketing, managing my own team, and launching new products to market.

My latest foray with Kyruus is in healthcare. Our goal is to apply data, analytics, and technology to improve the efficiency of our healthcare system.

Other places that there is information about me:

  • My LinkedIn profile
  • Google search for my name (which includes links to ZoomInfo and other services). Note that there are many Vinay Mohta’s in India and around the world, so not all the references are to me!