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Hadoop and Hive

I’ve been using Hadoop and Hive for the last six months and have been pretty impressed with how well it works.  To state the obvious, if you can correctly formulate your query, nothing beats this approach.  It’s been very useful for doing cohort analysis and large scale lifetime value computations on a relatively high traffic [...]

Outsourced business intelligence

As more infrastructure moves into the cloud, we have also started to see a migration of applications into the cloud. Salesforce and CRM were the early movers. More recently, I have been seeing entrepreneurs explore how to move much larger applications (like SAP) and application stacks (like BI) into the cloud. My most recent discovery [...]

Data transformation tools

I have been using data integration and transformation software for almost a decade now and have used packages that manage dataflow for very different use cases. Simulink, a product from the MathWorks, manages data flow in the context of doing simulations of control systems and digital signal processing systems. Products like Ascential DataStage (now called [...]