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New Manning-Schutze book (co-authored with P. Raghavan)

I just came across the new Manning-Schutze book (authors of “Foundations of Statistical NLP” (FSNLP) that I mentioned in my previous post).  They have co-authored this one with Prabhakar Raghavan (Verity, Yahoo, Stanford, etc.).  The book is titled “Introduction to Information Retrieval.”  It is still in pre-print and you can obtain an electronic version of [...]

Hacking natural language processing (NLP) components

I have been diving deeper into NLP-related code than I have before. I have been using GATE as a platform for doing experiments. I chose GATE as opposed to some of the other platforms out there (e.g. UIMA, RapidMiner) since it is fairly actively developed, has a good set of built-in modules, and has a [...]