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Google Chrome and domain name squatting

For the longest time, I have been particularly irritated about domain name squatters (many have talked about the associated issues, so I won’t rehash). Given that users who are not tech savvy often type search queries into the URL bar, I always wondered what the value was of the URL bar. Clearly, their intention was [...]

SaaS == ASP == out of business

Lawson’s chief executive, Harry Debes, just did a short interview with ZDnet Asia where he talks about the upcoming demise of SaaS. I find several of his assertions wrong and in fact contradictory to other statements that he makes in the same interview. My takeaway: this reads like a classic case of a company not [...]

UI innovation at the gas pump

For the longest time, I have wondered why credit card readers at super markets, gas pumps, parking garages, and just about everywhere else require you to insert the credit card only in a single orientation.  Well, finally, the Mobil gas station down the street from us has all new gas pumps where the magnetic stripe [...]

Inline commenting on the web

I recently started reading up on the Django framework. The creators of Django, Adrian Holovaty and Jacob Kaplan-Moss, recently finished publishing a book that describes Django and how best to use it. They published both an online version of their book as well as a print version. The online version has a UI innovation that [...]

UI improvement for Google Maps / Google Local

I noticed a nice UI improvement for Google Maps / Google Local today. I looked up a restaurant and was presented with the usual maps / results page: I noticed the little ‘+’ link in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up (something that I haven’t noticed before). That click resulted in a much larger [...]